Each year we need to reach out to the community to raise funds for our fire company, and were met with a great response from citizens like you. The ever-increasing call volumes and reduced numbers of active volunteers have left us unable to pursue other options to raise funds so we need to appeal to you directly.

In fact, for the past few years this Company has subsidized solely on the money raised from our annual fund drive mailing, or Spring Carnival, and a few coin tosses. This has been enough to augment the budget we receive from the Borough of Slatington.

Thanks to the excellent planning ability and fiscal responsibility of the Fire Company Officers over the years we have been able to not only live within our means but also expand the fire protection and rescue services that we provide to the residents.

Even with all of that improvement, our resources are still being strained due to a number of issues: Our District (which encompasses more than 5 square miles!) has undergone tremendous change - placing strain on the tax revenue in our area. Our calls have increased from less than 90 calls ten years or so ago, to 250 today.

In that time, being a volunteer firefighter has become more difficult because of new legislation and standards requiring more training time. Increased training demands and busier work/home life schedules have adversely affected volunteerism in the fire service. Our active volunteer roles are ever shrinking. Every member of the Slatington Volunteer Fire Company commits to this training, to answering calls and protecting our neighbors' lives and property (at the risk of his/her life) without any monetary reimbursement. We will continue to do so without hesitation. This will ensure that we are able to serve you - our neighbors for many years to come.

A yearly event that the department does as a fundraiser is an annual Bike & Car Show in memory of Milton "Bup" Greene who was a long standing member of the department who passed away in July 2012. This event will be held on Main Street in Slatington on the first Saturday following each Labor Day.